Occupational safety inspection of working conditions at home is now online!

The COVID-19 pandemic has also forced employers to take many forced steps in corporate governance. It has become a proven and effective prevention of the spread of the epidemic, a serious reduction of human contacts. Workplaces where workers were in large areas, single-space workplaces, offices, in large numbers were virtually vacated in order to maintain a safe course of business. At the same time, and keeping the required safety distance, only a few, and they, continued to work in a rotating system at their original place of work.

Working from home

The vast majority of employees performed their duties from home using the available IT tools. Employers have recognized as one of the positive benefits of the epidemic that they can make both economic and corporate governance gains through telecommuting. As further waves of the epidemic are expected, several smaller and larger employers have already decided to perpetuate forced domestic work. However, there are clear and consistent rules for this from an occupational safety point of view.

Legal permission to work from home

According to the Labor Protection Act, before allowing teleworking, the employer must make sure, as part of a risk assessment, that the workplace created in the employer's home meets the requirements for safe work. The current legislation allows for a risk assessment to be carried out online, provided that the person carrying out the assessment has the qualifications required for the activity.

Work from home control solution

Due to the sudden increase in demands, we have designed and built our new software that fully meets the requirements of health and safety legislation. Using the online interface, home workplace surveys can be conducted en masse, quickly, and economically, avoiding personal contact. The employer provides the employee with secure access to an online interface for self-monitoring work from home using the software. An employee who enters this interface will answer yes to the questions to be decided about his or her workplace at home. It takes photos of your workplace, which you can easily upload to the program.

In addition, the software requires the employee to read e-learning training materials on the rules of working from home. The software checks the acquisition of the curriculum by completing a series of tests. The completed and photographed checklist, as well as the 100% completed test, is then recorded with one click and submitted at the same time. The data obtained in this way is analyzed and evaluated by our employees authorized to perform the professional activity, and then they are commented with the help of the software. At the end of the process, a PDF file is also created with the help of this software, which contains all the data that are relevant from the point of view of occupational safety for compliance with the rules of teleworking. The PDF file will be sent to the employer after the evaluation. In this way, the employer fulfills the labor protection obligations prescribed by law, and the employee can perform his / her duties from his / her home within a regular framework.

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