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Information on changes in occupational health and safety rules related to teleworking

Government Decree 244/2020 (XI.11.) Was published in the Hungarian Gazette No. 487 (November 2020, 11), which deals with the application of rules related to telework during an emergency, among other things. Using the emergency mandate for the second wave of Covid-SARS 2 coronavirus, the government has taken the following action:

Situation of fire and occupational safety education in connection with the Adult Education Act, which enters into force on 2020 September 1

According to currently circulating half-information, it is believed that fire and occupational safety training, which is the responsibility of employers, will be covered by adult education, which is the scope of the notification, administration, etc. defined in this law. will be associated with tasks. In our view, the fears arising from a misinterpretation of the law are unfounded.

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Fire safety

Fire protection and the related comprehensive fire protection service throughout the country, in real estate, service, telecommunications, commercial, catering, healthcare, public education, waste management, industry and agriculture.

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Occupational health and safety

Occupational health and safety services throughout the country in the fields of real estate management, service, telecommunications, commercial, catering, health, public education, waste management, industry and agriculture.


With our fire and occupational safety e-learning system, we prepare educational materials and topics for our clients in accordance with their scope of activity (even in several languages) in accordance with the applicable legislation.

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