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We help with the periodic inspections required to reduce the risk of an accident or electric fire caused by the electrical network and hoist, such as the safety of our partners and compliance with the law. 

Touch protection inspection

Adequate contact protection prevents the live parts of electrical equipment and machines from being accidentally touched, so that it does not cause an electric shock if it fails.

Lightning protection inspection

Lightning protection inspection is an examination of lightning protection equipment (new, modified, expanded or existing external lightning protection and internal lightning protection) based on instrumental measurements.

Lifting machine inspection

 The operator of the hoist must ensure that the hoist is kept in a safe condition, that the hoist is inspected periodically and that maintenance is carried out professionally and regularly.


The purpose of commissioning lifting equipment is to ensure that the implement meets the conditions required for safe work.

Fire safety standardization inspection

The basic purpose of the inspections is to reduce the risk of fire caused by electrical equipment. elimination of the risk of explosion. In addition, filtering out electrical equipment that does not present a fire hazard but does not present a fire hazard.

Inspection of hand tools

Detecting faults in power tools due to use and aging to avoid electric shock accidents.

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