Lightning protection inspection

Lightning protection inspection

What does lightning protection mean?

Protection of man-made facilities against lightning strikes, prevention of their accidental, fire-causing effects. The lightning protection check must be checked in accordance with the standards and regulations in force at the time of installation. The inspection shall also be carried out in the event of reconstruction, extension, damage (eg caused by lightning) or any repairs which may affect the lightning protection effect of buildings and lightning rods. 

The lightning protection review is required by the (OTSZ) National Fire Protection Regulations and the (TvMI) Fire Protection Technical Directive.

Lightning Review - To whom and at what intervals?

It is the responsibility of the owners or operators of the facility (be it industrial, commercial, public education, etc.) or its agents to carry out the due periodic inspections. It is important that the obligation to carry out a lightning protection inspection is limited not only to the inspection itself and the preparation of its report, but also to the immediate correction of any errors and deficiencies found. 


  • § 280. (1) The periodic review of the existing non-standard lightning protection shall be carried out in accordance with the relevant technical requirement in force at the time of construction.
  • (2) Existing non-standard lightning protection equipment, unless otherwise provided by law, from a fire protection point of view
      • at least every 300 years in the case of a building or open-air building with an industrial or storage base containing a room for the production, processing or storage of more than 300 kg or 3 l of highly flammable or explosive substances,
      • otherwise at least every 6 years,
  • § 281. (1) Technical requirement on lightning protection according to the norm
      • in the case of lightning-protected structures and open spaces covered by this Directive, a review of lightning protection
      • a) during construction, before covering the parts to be covered later,
      • b) after establishment, before transfer,
      • (c) for LPS I and LPS II at least every 3 years,
      • (d) in other cases not covered by point (c), at least every 6 years, and
      • (e) be carried out after lightning protection or modification, extension and a special event specified in the relevant technical requirement.

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