Fire protection specialist exam

Fire protection specialist exam

Preparation for the fire protection examination, as only persons with a valid fire protection examination may perform work in the occupations and positions specified by law. In addition, the person who directly directs the work must have a professional exam.

We provide our clients with the preparation and examination for the fire protection professional examination for the activities according to the following job.

Welders and those performing flame work during construction activity.

They carry out at any time the storage of substances classified as flammable classes 'A' and 'B' in quantities exceeding 300 kg by weight or the processing or technological use in quantities exceeding 100 kg by weight.

They perform the removal, filling and servicing of combustible gas, as well as the service of car gas.

Why Cedit 2000?

A flexible, reliable team with many years of professional experience: 14 full-time professionals, 12 degrees, 13 tertiary and 24 intermediate qualifications are available 24 hours a day. Through our contact system, we are able to satisfy the exceptional needs of our customers and keep in touch with the best specialists in the country.

Cedit 2000 Kft provides a high level of fire and occupational safety tasks to its more than 170 satisfied customers with nationwide coverage, in addition to continuous expertise.

"Our service is your safety!" , this has been our motto for 20 years.

The tasks undertaken are performed by our full-time fire protection, occupational safety and environmental protection specialists. Over 30 years, we have gained extensive experience in fire, labor and environmental supervision of logistics centers, warehouses, office buildings, industrial facilities, office and intellectual services, food and clothing retail, catering stores, national chains, educational institutions. At Cedit 2000 Kft., In addition to the knowledge already acquired, continuous internal and external professional training is also emphasized.

We offer a 100% guarantee for our fire protection and occupational safety services. Our partners can feel safe, as we have had professional liability insurance since 2004 (the first in the industry). The insurance covers not only the pecuniary and non-pecuniary damage caused in the framework of the service relationship, but also the reimbursement of an official penalty.

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