Fire protection regulations, documents

Fire protection regulations, documents

The existence of fire protection regulations and documents is mandatory for occupational safety and health regulations at economic organizations. In the case of both fire protection and occupational safety, the preparation of relevant regulations and documents is considered a professional activity. The existence, legal harmonization and up-to-dateness of the fire protection regulations, occupational safety risk assessment, occupational safety education topics, personal protective equipment benefit scheme and other written fire protection and occupational safety documents are strictly checked.

By preparing the documents, we fully ensure compliance with the legislation in the field of fire protection and occupational safety, and the fulfillment of the conditions for safe work. All fire protection and occupational safety regulations prepared by us are of a occupational safety nature risk assessment, chemical risk assessment, educational topics are unique, tailored to the customer 's site and activity.

We deliver the fire protection and occupational safety documents in one package, in an easy-to-understand form, according to the needs of our clients. The tasks are performed on an ad hoc and / or flat-rate basis.

Fire regulations and documents

The economic operator shall prepare Fire Protection Regulations in the following cases:

- employs more than five workers,

- operates a facility capable of accommodating more than XNUMX people,

- belongs to a high-risk industrial and storage unit of risk,

- operates commercial accommodation

A Fire Alert Plan shall be prepared as an appendix to the Fire Protection Regulations:

- the cultural, educational, cultural, sports, health and social part of the building, building, facilities;

- facilities which can accommodate more than 300 people in a fire section;

- commercial accommodation;

- occasional or permanent music venues where more than 50 persons can be present at any one time;

- structures and open-air storage facilities for the production, processing and storage of material belonging to the explosive class, where the material may occur in an explosive state;

- 3000 m for the production, processing and storage of material belonging to the flammable class2for buildings and open spaces larger than.

The employer is required to take care of the employee annually fire education, and that the fire protection knowledge related to their job and activities is acquired before starting their employment, and that they are familiar with the tasks to be performed in the event of a fire.

The employer must have educational aids and topics that include fire protection knowledge and the tasks to be performed in the event of a fire.

A floor plan containing the possibility of leaving the building (escape route) and a textual description or an extract thereof, which provides information on the direction and manner of safe leaving the given room or building, shall be prepared and displayed.

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We offer a 100% guarantee for our fire protection and occupational safety services. Our partners can feel safe, as we have had professional liability insurance since 2004 (the first in the industry). The insurance covers not only the pecuniary and non-pecuniary damage caused in the framework of the service relationship, but also the reimbursement of an official penalty.

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