Occupational safety teamwork!

A occupational safety actors include employees, employers, legislators, government professionals, occupational safety professionals, occupational health care providers. The actors are not in an easy situation, as they have to continuously develop and keep pace with the development of their everyday development, environment and technical background. Diversity is commonplace in this field.

Why is it important to occupational safety?

Occupational safety is the set of safety and health requirements for organized work that legislative, organizational, system of institutional regulations. The aim of occupational safety and health is to protect the health and ability of those who work in an organized way and to humanize working conditions. Personal and material conditions must be created in such a way as to prevent accidents at work and occupational diseases.

The structure of occupational safety can be divided into several areas and specialties. I would like to show these and their relative position with the picture below.


For the sake of simplicity, let's look briefly at each:

Occupational health and safety: Regulation of the requirements of organized work, organizational and institutional system of legislation, regulations, and their implementation in workplace practice.

Work safety: Technical prevention, which is used to prevent accidents at work.

Occupational health: A set of health requirements to avoid occupational diseases. Its two main areas are occupational health and occupational health.

The picture also clarifies that occupational safety is teamwork. Just as every team member has a role to play in a match, so do we. The occupational safety professional works closely with those in the playground, but at the same time has serious consequences and responsibilities for each of the actors. The occupational safety specialist must work closely with the employee, the employer, and the occupational health service provider. He is the team captain leading the team on the road to safe work. Legislation and standards play a very important role, as they provide a framework for rules. At the same time, we can’t win a match if we don’t do our job helping each other.

We hope that by the end of the article it will be clear why occupational safety is important, what areas it has. What kind of actors are working in this field in order to achieve the goal of occupational safety and health.


Occupational safety requires expertise and experience, so it’s worth working with a company that has been proven countless times in this sector.

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